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Starting the next chapter

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Having spent over twenty years in Toronto I was starting to feel like it was time for a change. Prior to the pandemic I felt the urge for small town life and had this pastoral vision of being in a smaller, slower community, maybe owning a local business (apothecary or something in antiques or upcycling) and riding my bike to farmer's markets. Turns out this became the trend during COVID-19 so I waited for the dust to settle a bit before making the move and now finally settled on renting a cute little century home in downtown Cobourg. Renting would offer me the opportunity to live like a local for a year (or more) and the time to really figure out if I wanted to buy and settle there. My mother was there and had been living in Cobourg for the past eight years loving her life so that's why I decided on this location. It was also only one hour away from the city by train! Having the flexibility of a work-from-home arrangement also supported my decision to embark on a new chapter.

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