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Pack, purge and donate

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

My thinking was that if I was going to embark on a small town life, I'd have to shed some of my old city life. I figured that the best way to start would be with my wardrobe. I am what one would call a clothes hoarder. At 46 years old, you would have thought I would have done some donating prior to now but instead the collection has just grown larger over the years. I still had stuff from high school in the closet (and was proudly still wearing these items I might add). The collection was a mix of vintage, corporate, business casual, casual and loungewear. After looking at the full collection and realizing that I likely won't wear half of my clothes again due to the pandemic WFH situation, I started rummaging through my stuff and, in channeling my inner Marie Kondo, managed to gather eight Farm Boy bags and six medium sized boxes of clothing to donate to Value Village and my local vintage store, Little Underground. Sadly, that vast amount of purging only made a partial dent. But it made me feel good to know that all that stuff wouldn't end up in a landfill and that somebody else could use my clothes. If clothing inspired creativity and confidence for me, I was hopeful it was the same for others who would receive my donation.

My goal going forward was to shop mainly Canadian and/or ethically/environmentally sustainable clothing from now on. If I was going to try and go "minimalist" with my wardrobe from here on, it was going to be only natural fabrics as much as possible, with a simplistic design.

Closet kind of altruism.

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